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AUGUST 16–19, 2024   DRIFTPILE, AB



There is nothing like experiencing electronic music and art in nature. It is a vibe and a feeling that is unique and spiritual. It is magical. This is why we do it.

Since the year 2000, Motion Notion has been about Electronic Music, Nature, Art, Freedom, & Technology

The “Motion Notion” is our philosophical concept that movement (change) is inevitable and that everything must change or evolve to continue to exist.

The universe and our lives are in continuous flux…  So is the festival.

Motion Notion Festival has continued to evolve, bringing people to amazing natural locations and providing the most cutting-edge music and production- no matter what obstacles it has had.


We welcome you to the rebirth of Motion Notion Festival for the 20th edition at our new amazing location!


Amazing New Location!

We are exhilarated to announce Motion Notion's new home.  This amazing venue features flat level camping meadows, cozy wooded areas, and a river with 2 sandy beaches.

12527, TWP Rd 731A, Joussard, AB T0G 1J0

Fun times from previous years

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